Divine Destinations

Sri Ksheera Lingeswara Temple, Krishna (V), Maganoor (M):

  • This is the first village after the Sangam Kshetram of Krishna & Bhima Rivers. So all feels that the result of Sangam will get here.
  • Many people from Karnataka and Telangana come here and completes their elder’s ceremonies and every day some hundreds of people perform ceremonies.
  • This Math is a faithful place for many people. In the Sankranthi season, the festivals of temple will be performed every year.
  • Nearly two lakhs people visit during festival (Jatara) period. On every Wednesday, local sandy is available in this village from past 100 years.

Sri Kshetra Vallabhapuram,Pasupula (V),Makthal (M)

  • A place which was famous for Datta cult, which is connected with Lord Dattatreya, 700 years ago, the same place is named as Srikshetra Sri Vallabhapuram by his holiness Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vittalananda Saraswati Maharaj.
  • He has constructed a new DattaTemple in this holy place.

Sri Padamati Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Makthal:

  • The Lord Sri Padamati Anjenaya Swamy temple is situated at the city called “Makthal”, the city that lies near Krishna river doab. It’s 40KM from Raichur district karanataka and 60KM from Mahaboobnagar of Telangana
  • This Holy Idol of Lord Hanuman was instantiated by lord Jambavantha, who lived at the time of lord hanuman and was also a Bhakth to divine Lord “Ram” who is the incarnation of lord Vishnu.
  • The Idol of lord hanuman is faced towards west, which is the only one of its kind in south India. The word “Padamati” means “West side facing”.

Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers & Sri Viranjaneya Swamy Temple, Tangidi (V), Maganoor (M) :

  • Sangam is a place of Mersing of Krishna & Bhima Rivers Located at the Border of Karnataka State. BhimaRiver merges with Krishna here. According to Guru Charitra (Dattatreya Charitra), this Mersing Point known as Nirvruthi Sangamam. This is very pure place (holistic) for the Hindus. The river Krishna and Bhima are having a special role in Hindu Culture. River Bhima flows hear to South side. This is equal to GangaRiver at Kashi, holi place at Gaya people will get the “Punya” when they bath at “Pushkara” and one more thing is Dattatreya Swamy moved on the bank of this river. So, it is very pure (holistic place) and having important role in Hindu Mythology.
  • This Sangamam is known as “NIVRUTI SANGAMAM”. According to Gurucharitra, Swamy Sreepada Vallabha incarnation of Dattatreya is place “KURUVAPURAM” is very near to this Sangamam. As this place having special importance and this Sangam is only the entry place of KrishnaRiver in to Andhra Pradesh so this Sangam having Important role.
  • In 1557-58, the King of Vijayanagara “Ramaraya” defeated Bahumam Sultans and adjusted a pact over Sultans of Kutubshahi, Adikshahi, Nizamshahi and Barid Shahi on the bank of this Sangamam. So, this place having the historical importance also.

Sri Krishna Dwaipayana Theerth Math, Kusumurthy (V), Krishna (M):

  • Swamy Krishna Dwaipayana Theertha blongs to Uttaradhi Math of Madhava Cult. He was disciple of Swamy Vedavya Sateertha. After taking Sanyasasrama, he moved to many places in the country.
  • He was good scholar and studied Vedas & puranas, having good command on Hindu Mythology. He got Vairagya on physical life and entered into philosophical life. He was principle disciple of his Guru. According to the order of God Swamy came to the Bank of Bhima River near to Kurumurthy Kshetra.
  • He ended his life with “Sadhana” towards god and got Moksha. This Southern flowing Bhima is very pure and having special significance in Hindu Culture. According to the elder people some parts of “Rakkisi-Tangidi” war also took place here.

Jagadguru Sri Dattatraya Maha Samsthana Peetham, Pasupula (V), Makthal (M):

  • The destination has good national importance. Pilgrims / Tourists are visiting this destination from Maharashtra (all places), Karnataka, Goa, and other states of India.
  • Datta devotees are more in Maharashtra and are visiting the destination from Shiridi.
  • The devotees of Akukot Swamy Samartha Maharaj, and Narasimha Saraswathi’s devotees are Dathatreya devotees and all are visiting this place very frequently.

Sri Swayambu Lakshmi Venkateshawara Swamy Temple, Gudeballore, Krishna :

  • Long back this area was called as Gundilaranya. Once Mandvya Maharshi is going to Tirupati for participate in Brahmostavams, When he reached to Krishna River, it was flowing fully and he received a message from the God to stop atGundilaranya and these only god will come to him, and went for tapas for 8 months, then he got the mercy of Land Venkateshawara, and during the perios of Tapas the cowboys has given the cow milk for Maharshi as food so here the all types of pujas will be dont by that particular family who called as Golla.
  • Every year in Chiatra Masam Brahmostavas will be conducted for 15 days (from Chaitra Padyami to Pournima). Lakhs of people from different states participate in these brahmostavams.