Places of Interest

Megalit Burials, Mudmal (V), Maganoor (M)

MEGALITHIC BURIALS Nearly 500 and above Burials are located. Here two types of Burials we can see:

  •  Sisth: Which are surrounded with Big rocks
  •  Menhers: In the Middle A Circle of stones. One big pillar hole be stand.

Nearly 65 Menhers we can see in this site. Nearly 100 acres area is covered with this Burials. This Burials are belongs to Magalitlic Period Place an are on the Bank of Krishna River at Mudmal Village of Maganoor Mandal in Narayanpet District.

This site located in between 3 Villages viz., Muduma, Murahari Doddi, Gudeballore. The height of Menhers is 14-16 feet, and area 6-11 feet. Some biggest ground, Big bull, Female Goddess Trishula weapon are there. We also see this sisth burials on the bank of Krishna to Sangam Area, Tangidi village also. This is very biggest burial ground in this area.